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Meet our Company!


Francesca Randazzo founded ‘Randazzo srl’ in 2009. This was a natural progression after her 22 years experience within the jewellery industry, which commenced in 1989. During this time Francesca gained a portfolio of successful jewellery collections using her wealth of knowledge and flair for design. Francesca has injected her own unique expertise into the company and recently introduced the brand ‘Murano di Francesca’. This has produced an extremely strong foundation on which a huge success has been created and provided specialist Italian Murano Jewellery to retailers worldwide.



Murano Glass is recognized globally. It is handcrafted on the Venetian Isle of Murano and has a long history of cultural heritage. The Company has a close personal relationship with the leading artisans who produce the glass. Murano glass is an art form which takes time to create. With such large demands the company is vigilant in ensuring the high quality is consistent with every piece created. Focusing on tailored designs to suit each of the customer’s needs, and by offering competitive prices, makes the company one of the leading suppliers of Murano jewellery.

Design development is fundamental to the business combined with innovation and focus on the latest consumer trends. The handcrafted jewellery collections from ‘Murano di Francesca’ are presented primarily in Gold with some styles offered in silver and metal. By the addition of precious gemstones to the Murano Jewellery collection, the pieces created become unique wearable masterpieces of Italian art.

National Portrait Gallery Shop in London opened its doors to Il Murano di Francesca and an exclusive collection is now being successfully sold since July 2013.

The company is based in Arezzo, which is Francesca’s hometown. The Murano jewellery is produced solely in Italy adding to the romance of the collections. The company is confident in providing the best possible customer service, with expert advice offered to each dedicated client .Existing buyers range from TV shopping channels, importers, wholesalers and chain stores.


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